Why Join GAC?

Member Services and Benefits
The Georgia Agribusiness Council (GAC) is the state's leading trade association for agribusiness interests. No matter what part of the industry you're in, it helps to have a dedicated group of individuals who are standing up on a daily basis for the issues that are important to you. The Georgia Agribusiness Council is dedicated to defending and supporting the state's largest industry.

Economic data highlights the importance of agriculture in the state of Georgia. Few Georgians know that agribusinesses support 2/3rds of our 159 counties as the first or second largest industries. According to the latest data from the UGA Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development, Georgia’s food and fiber production contributes $74.3 billion and accounts for over 411,500 jobs. With these statistics, it is easy to see that agriculture is our state's largest industry.

While we celebrate the successes that helped build this great industry, those in agriculture know there are many challenges at hand. GAC takes those challenges head-on with the support of our membership and that membership continues to grow.